For this week only I’m sharing the Moon Cocoon Publicly. The Moon Cocoon is released each week in the Intuitive Business Academy Membership It’s a weekly Astrological forecast by our in-house Astrologist Jema. It felt like sharing it more widely this week was the right thing to do- I have learned to listen to my […]

November 9, 2021

Moon Cocoon – Accessible for free this week!

The last time we had a Scorpio new moon was November 15th Last year. Can you look back and reflect on all that has come to pass since then? Can you remember the sort of themes and energy that was coming up for you then?

This Scorpio new moon forms an opposition to unpredictable Uranus, which means we can expect a certain amount of chaos and unpredictability. This may feel intense and like you are losing control- but trust it is happening as a sort of ‘cosmic cleanse’ for you. The idea is to relinquish control and grow from these circumstances.

October 28, 2021

New Moon in Scorpio- what it means and journal prompts

Life moves in 7 year cycles. It takes approximately 7 years for all the cells in our body to be renewed. ⁠⁠ We were studying these in depth in a recent class in the Astrology course I’m currently taking.⁠⁠It takes 4 of these cycles to be completed for a Saturn return to happen. (Your first […]

October 24, 2021

The 7 Year Saturn Cycle and how it can dramatically impact your life

I remember the full Moon in Aries last year vividly (it was October 1st if you want to check your calendar for what was happening then) – being a fire sign and the first sign of the Zodiac, it’s a powerful one. It is like the start of the full moon cycle and the closing of the last one which finished with the Pisces full moon last month. It also closes the Aries cycle which began with the NEW Moon in Aries in April (this was April 11th).
Aries is connected with our self-identity, who we are being in the world- it’s the initiator, the daredevil asking us to face our biggest fears in life.

October 15, 2021

Full Moon in Aries: What it means and journal prompts

A soul that chose me meets the world.

As we look into each other’s eyes, we know at a soul level we’ve met before. This date and time was already agreed. Relief, and a new perspective on life. Nothing else matters. Nothing else can matter.
Leo came to me the day the Sun moved out of Leo in the Sky and into Virgo – the 23rd August. But he clung onto the Leo sunshine and Lion energy, whilst bringing the classic Virgo need for organisation and things being ‘just so’ – a 34 hour labour meant I was just glad he’d finally arrived.

October 3, 2021

When a mother is born… my journey into motherhood

The New Moon this month is in Libra. When the Sun and Moon line up the Moon is dark from our perspective. This dark moon provides time to reflect, rest and set intentions for the new coming cycle.

This New Moon will be in Libra, represented by the scales, she always seeks balance. She often puts more weight on the opinions of others than her own. The perfect compromise is sometimes illusive when harmony is the priority and her needs may fall lower than others, this can cause her to be indecisive.

Her desire for peaceful connection means she is considered to sign of relationships, ruler of the 7th house of marriage in astrology. Her energy creates harmonious connections wherever it can though, and Libras are often surrounded by friends and admirers. Her scales also represent the scales of justice and in her quest for balance, equality and justice are important themes too.

October 1, 2021

New Moon in Libra: What it means and journal prompts

When: 21st September 2021 00:54 UK time Sign:  Pisces 28 Element: Water Quality: Mutable Ruler: Neptune (modern) and Jupiter (traditional) Duality: Receptive The Moon is coming back into alignment opposite the Virgo Sun. From Earth we will see the Moon in Pisces fully illuminated; it’s the height of the lunar cycle, a time for celebration, […]

September 13, 2021

Full Moon in Pisces: What it means and Journal Prompts.

the end of one Lunar Cycle and the beginning of a new one. It’s a good time to release the energy of the last month and begin setting intentions for the next 28-day cycle in line with your evolving values.

August 25, 2021

New Moon in Virgo: What it means and Journal Prompts.

A key theme of this Full Moon is expansion, think about the ways that you are expanding and growing in your life and visualise this journey as a spiral. You can walk this spiral outward welcoming the energy of expansion in as you take each step, or you could draw a spiral on paper. You could even journal in a spiral about your journey of growth, filling a page with bigger, bolder ideas!

August 10, 2021

Full Moon in Aquarius: What it means and Journal Prompts.

  This New Moon brings the Sun and the Moon to the same point in Leo. It is a new beginning. The start of a new lunar cycle, filled with the midsummer (in the northern hemisphere) energy of Leo.   Leo Energy When the Sun and Moon meet in Leo, we experience the full radiance […]

August 1, 2021

New Moon in Leo: What it means and Journal Prompts.