I am an Intuitive Cyclical Alchemy Mentor... what does that mean?

I help women reconnect with their natural cyclical patterns - through working with the seasons, with astrology and the emotional development cycle, we can alchemise & bring together our own patterns and power. 

I've overcome many challenges including going through cancer aged 39, so I integrate the wisdom of all my experiences to guide and mentor you.

Hi, I’m Lauren

Imagine connecting to your true cyclical nature, identifying patterns to embrace your incredible feminine power

I work with you a soul level with all my evolving offerings. I combine deep intuitive wisdom bringing in Astrology, Human Design, Numerology and Reiki alongside Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis & Positive Psychology.

Work with me to liberate yourself from old patterns that no longer serve you.

Be a cycle-breaker. 

This stuff needs to be known by all women. This is healing at a soul level to become the Real You

Whether you are working with me through an Astrological cycle journey I'm hosting, joining me for 1:1 mentoring, bringing me in to help with your marketing or working with me to process a cancer diagnosis, I believe that we were meant to meet and I'm excited to see where our journey together takes us.

I create the safe space you need to tap into your true essence and power

Packed with insights, tips and intuitive guidance, my fortnightly newsletter is for women who want guidance around metaphysical healing and tuning into a seasonal approach - building a calm and gracefully strong mindset. 

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