Your Magical Marketing Duo

Your Magical Marketing Duo

Do you wish you had a marketing agency you could hand over your marketing to but don't want the hefty price tag?

Do you believe that successful marketing is connected to expansive energy? 

Can you feel the power of having a dynamic duo working together on your social media and marketing content?

Do you have different freelancers working on your marketing and wish it was more joined up and cohesive?

Do you want a team who have done the damn work - deep soul work and are both reiki practitioners as well as marketing experts?

--- If you answered yes, you are in the right place! ---

Your Magical Marketing Duo:
Lauren & Carla

We are excited to be working with growing and scaling female-led businesses to take their marketing to the next level!

We first met in 2020 when Carla was just launching her affirmation candle business Love Up Love You, Lauren supported with marketing for the launch and we've stayed solid friends since then - we love nothing better than long chats about deep spiritual 'stuff'! We are also both big fans of The Soul & Magic Coach Caroline Britton and have attended many of her in-person events together. We have complementary skillsets with Lauren focusing on over-arching marketing strategy and email, and Carla on Instagram.

We know first hand that it can be challenging to find the right team working for you who really gets what you do. We love working closely with you to help scale with a sense of ease. 

We can take the stress and worry of consistent marketing off your shoulders and give you peace of mind and focus on the areas of your business you adore. 

Read more below about how we can help you uplevel your marketing and ensure it's done in a way that feels super aligned, exciting and expansive!



What we do...

Lauren is a Manifesting Generator in Human Design (more on that below) and also an ADHDer. This means she has the ability to get things done fast and run multiple projects at any one time (she'd be bored if not!) She studied Psychology to BSc level and qualified as an ICF coach in 2020. Before that, she worked across major brands like Microsoft, Skype, Crayola, Mercedes and The National Trust on large marketing campaigns. She has freelanced for many years and is used to coming in and quickly making a difference to small businesses. She can advise on overall marketing strategy, marketing systems, backend set up, social media, SEO, website content and more. She went through Bowel Cancer last year and got the all clear in January this year, so this has given her new perspective on how she wants to work and with who... life is too short not to enjoy what you're doing.

Carla brings her natural Aussie charm and focused Generator energy to ensure your Instagram is bringing you the right people for your business. She has an amazing ability to connect the right people together and grew her own Instagram account for her business successfully with incredible engagement rates becoming known as the 'Affirmation Candle Lady' with her networks (and by the way the candles are just gorgeous!) 
She knows exactly what works on Instagram and works alongside you and Lauren to translate the larger marketing strategy into a grid you will feel great about, helping with hashtags, captions and designs on Canva. 

Lauren's Background

Carla's Background



Sun - Pisces
Moon- Pisces
Ascendant - Scorpio

Human Design = 3/5 Generator

Human Design = 6/2 Manifesting Generator


A bit more about our energy...

Sun - Leo
Moon- Scorpio
Ascendant - Virgo


With a Leo Sun, I'm naturally drawn to helping people shine, infusing warmth and connection into my Instagram strategies.

With a Virgo Ascendant, I've got a knack for the nitty-gritty, ensuring every detail of your Instagram journey is in place. And thanks to my Scorpio Moon, I'm all about transformations, helping evolve your online presence and finding satisfaction in the changes.

Adding to the mix, in Human Design, I'm a generator which means I have incredible energy and focus, as well as a 3/5 profile- basically driven to discover what doesn't work through trial and error, sorting out what doesn't serve, and sharing that wisdom with others.

I am incredibly intuitive and have an ability to tune into people's energy using my double Pisces abilities- Sun and Moon! I have incredible imagination and creativity in the mix too. My Scorpio ascendant means I love helping people to transform and let go of what doesn't serve them. 

As a Manifesting Generator, variety is key for me- I love having several projects on the go at once in different areas of my life. I am able to alchemise different ideas to create new  thinking outside of the box strategies. As a 6/2 profile, that speaks to my love of mentoring women through the same experiences I've been through building my business, as well as being able to pick things up quickly with my 2 energy.

Combining our energy as two generators means we basically get shit done! We work well with Projectors, Manifestors and Reflectors with our defined sacral energy being the driver. We help other generators with strategy and accountability and avoiding burnout by trying to do it all!

Let the transformation begin!

We cover your marketing needs offering:

  • Wisdom from years of running our own businesses 
  • Saving you time - to focus on what you do best
  • Cost effectiveness - compared to traditional advertising methods and agencies
  • Increased visibility - leaning into best times to post / email  
  • Consistency - keep your business at the forefront of clients minds 
  • Cohesive look for your Instagram posts / email - making your feed visually appealing and professional
  • Streamlines the content creation process
  • Brand Identity - Customised templates reinforce your brand identity with consistent colours, fonts, and design elements, making your content instantly recognisable 
  • All this means greater efficiency in your business

We suggest starting with a 3 month package which includes the following:

1 x in person VIP Day

3-6 month Marketing Strategy

3 Months of our Support

Book a call

Our solution is bespoke depending on your exact requirements.
Prices from £1k a month for ongoing support, or one-off VIP day from £777
Book a free chat to discuss your requirements and we'll come back with our recommendations.

Telegram or WhatsApp group - have us in your pocket!

(Or 2x 2 hour sessions on Zoom)

What our clients say...

"In April 2023, Carla joined Sovereign Magazine’s team as Social Media and Marketing Strategist. She has such a keen eye for keeping Sovereign on brand and increasing Sovereign’s brand visibility. She has seamlessly integrated with our international team and brought innovative ideas forward to enhance Sovereign’s brand recognisability. Through her hashtag bundle research, Instagram optimisation knowledge, and call to action customisation Sovereign has seen, in last 90 days, a 65% increase in accounts reached and 40% increase in followers."

- Nicole - Founder of Sovereign Magazine

"Lauren helped me in many ways and totally went above my expectations on what she taught me and supported me on. She suggested things that would challenge me (putting my face more on my brand), future possibilities (further ways to reach my audiences) and useful tools. Lauren's help gave me the confidence to really go for my campaign."
- Liz, Founder of Dot Dot Dash Coaching 

"I absolutely loved working with you. You ijspired me to really find and believe in myself and what my business has to offer to the world. Meeting with you has given me a lifeline for my business. I feel excited again for my business and my life's purpose."
- Heather The Energy Psychologist

"Knowledge and expertise doesn't simply come from traditional wisdom, it emerges through the intricate soul connection that one soul has in relation to another. I would describe Lauren as having this unique and very special ability to both listen, advise and coach with a deep understanding and touching intelligence."
- Harriet, Founder of The Intuitive Soul Sanctuary