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Going through cancer can take so much away from you. Having been through it myself, I'm passionate about supporting women reclaim their true selves

Did you know that 92% of those recovering after cancer actually find the time after finishing active treatment and being given the 'all clear' much harder mentally than everything that came before? 

Suddenly the structure of the regular treatments and hospital visits are gone, people congratulate you and tell you it's 'amazing' - and yes of course it is... but why do you feel so... unsure, confused and down? 

You want to go out and live life to full having faced your own mortality, yet seeing other people who haven't been through cancer carrying on with their lives and having fun, something feels missing for you and you can't quite put your finger on it... you guess it just takes time?

Chemo cycle 2

feeling my worst

Imagine having someone there to guide you who's been through it

I realised that I needed one small thing each week to focus on to start building my life back up again. Like habit stacking, if you keep it simple and focus on the small things, over a few months, things start feeling different, and you find a new sense of balance in your life. 

This isn't about getting the 'old you' back - I don't think that's possible. It's about creating the new post-cancer you who is wiser, and has a new perspective on life. Integrating all you've been through and including 'cancer survivor' as part of your identity isn't easy.

I have formulated a 5-step programme called 'The Tonic' which is spread over 5 months. It's about taking a holistic approach integrating mindset, psychology, spiritual practices, energy work, visualisations, as well as practical support around returning to work, advocating for yourself and overcoming the post-cancer anxiety that can be so debilitating. 

How I guide you to get through that post-cancer 'ick' 

The post-cancer me

The Tonic Outline

It can be easy to wind up in victim mode, or finding it hard to see yourself as strong and resilient again. We look at your experiences in the context of the Heroine's journey helping you integrate and process your experiences, recognising the impact of your subconscious on your wellness.

Next up we look at what cyclical patterns are playing out in your life referencing the Emotional Development Cycle as well as the Numerological 9-year cycle and 7-year Saturn Cycle. We'll use the monthly Moon cycle to tap into setting new intentions and releasing what doesn't serve you.

Healing is not just physical - there are  7 key areas we will work through together to create an environment where you can thrive. Just as plants sometimes need repotting, this is essentially what we'll look at doing for you.

We start off by doing some analysis into your energy and personality so I can get a sense of your strengths and what will bring you joy. I use a range of profiling tools that I select from as I intuitively feel will give the most insight. This includes Human Design, Astrology, Myers-Briggs, plus a few more... it's fascinating the insights that come through as we review these.

We will keep referring back to these as we work together to ensure you work towards creating the life you truly want after cancer, not the life you think you *should* want.

Then the below content is adapted based on your needs- this is just a guide to give you an idea.

We'll look at how important it is to feel purposeful in life and how this has been shown to actually help with healing for those recovering after cancer. We'll look at your personal mission and vision and what you want to be doing on a weekly basis towards this.

When you understand the way your natural energy flows, we can look at where it may be blocked and how we can tap into specific practices and habits that will help it flow better. This is based on the 10 Energy Bodies in Kundalini Yoga as taught to be by my coach Harriette Jackson.

Support to Thrive Again

  • I'm an accredited ICF coach (qualified in July 2020)
  • I've completed intuitive coaching training with Caroline Britton
  • I'm certified in Physical Intelligence by the PI Institute 
  • I'm a Reiki Practitioner Level 2 
  • I've studied Human Design, Astrology and Numerology over the last 3 years
  • Trained in NLP (graduating Sept 2023)
  • Since my own Cancer experience I've been on a mission to pursue healing at a deeper level
  • I previously ran a membership for 2 years about Intuitive approaches to business, now I am launching a new membership called Unusual Women - you will be a founding member!

Monthly Zoom Call x 75 mins & intake profiling

Support via Telegram Mon-Fri

Access to my Membership & Library of workshops 

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  • Pay in full is £2,222 for 5 months of support (5 zoom calls and Telegram in between)
  • You can chose to pay monthly for the Tonic over 5 months at £444 a month or ten months at £222 a month
  • If this is outside your budget, please get in touch as we may be able to make an arrangement, and I do offer reduced rates for those on low income 

The Next Step is...
Telegram Trial Mentoring

Right now I'm offering a two week trial for just £99... for mentoring via Telegram to give you a chance to see how it flows for you. Even just over 2 weeks we can start making transformations.

This is a chance for you to trial it out and see if we gel and if Telegram mentoring is the right thing for you. 

At the end of the two weeks, you can choose to join The Tonic programme officially, or if you feel complete and chose not to join there are absolutely zero hard feelings and no pressure from me! I also sometimes offer tailored solutions where it feels aligned.

Two Week Trial Sign up

It all started with feeling something wasn't quite right. I had a pain in my lower abdomen which I initially thought was gynae-related, but after a load of tests, all looked OK. 

Then the sister of someone I followed on Instagram got diagnosed with bowel cancer, she was the same age as me, and as she shared some of her symptoms that led to getting diagnosed, I recognised some myself and decided to get a bowel screening test done. (A 'FIT Test')

I found one online by a private health test company 'Lets Get Checked', ordered it and a few weeks later, did the test and sent it off, not thinking too much about it. It came back as abnormal, and from there I self-referred to a Colorectal Specialist who booked me in for a Colonoscopy a few weeks later. 

Straight after the Colonoscopy, I could sense it wasn't good news. The doctor told me that she was 95% certain what she'd seen was a 2-3cm cancerous tumour.

My Cancer Story...

I was surprised but also not- I had known *something* wasn't right, so in a way, it was good to get to the bottom of it (literally!)

After a load more CT and MRI scans, they found the tumour was in the Sigmoid Colon and they'd need to remove about a foot of colon, and possibly my left Ovary as it appeared to be attached (my initial thinking that it was a Gynae problem actually wasn't that far off).

I had a Bowel Resection on 9th August 2022, and was in hospital for 5 nights. This photo is the first one I took after surgery to send to family to show I was OK. It took a good few weeks to recover and start to process everything that had happened. 

We decided to go ahead with fertility preservation so started this a few weeks after surgery- basically the first half of IVF with the hormone injections and egg harvesting. We managed to get two embryos frozen, though the day after that, I started chemotherapy so didn't have too much time to think about it.

I was really anxious about starting chemotherapy and had convinced myself I'd have a melt down as soon as the drugs started going in, but the nurses were really good at reassuring me and explaining everything as it was happening. 

It was a cumulative effect as each cycle became a bit harder than the last, and I was really affected especially with some serious bloating and soreness around my stomach area. I had to have the chemo drug dose reduced a couple of times as after speaking to my oncologist she said the side effects shouldn't be that bad (but how do you know how 'bad' they are supposed to be!) 

I spend most of my time on chemo at home in bed or on the sofa and made my way through a LOT of Netflix, TV, reading and audio books. Plus of course just sleeping a lot of the time too. 

What I learnt from speaking to others is that chemo affects us all differently and not to compare ourselves- we all respond to the same drugs and dose in different ways and it's not 'good' or 'bad', but we have to find our own unique coping method.

I finished the four rounds of chemo I had been recommended to do just before Christmas last year. 

My chemo was given as a preventative measure to blast any remaining cancer cells in my body- they had found cancer cells in one of the lymph nodes they removed. Now the active treatment was finished I found the real shock of everything I'd been through really started to land and mentally I felt worse after chemo than I had during it.

I am still processing everything and have good days and bad days, but for me, I know finding purpose and community in this experience is something I naturally want to do as soon as I feel ready to.

I'm driven to help raise awareness of this and build a supportive community that empowers women to get through this without the huge levels of fear, anxiety and stress we associate with the 'C' word. What if we can actually use our diagnosis as a turning point in our lives- to live more fully and with total gratitude for each day?

The Next Step is...
Telegram Trial Mentoring

Right now in September, I'm offering a two week trial for just £20... so a tenner a week for mentoring via Telegram (does not include Zoom calls).

This is a chance for you to trial it out and see if we gel and if Telegram mentoring is the right thing for you. 

At the end of the two weeks, you can choose to join The Tonic programme officially, or if you feel complete and chose not to join there are absolutely zero hard feelings and no pressure from me! I also sometimes offer tailored solutions where it feels aligned.

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