The Heroine's Journey

An eight month journey to know yourself better and connect with this ancient wisdom

Have you maybe joined Moon Circles but are looking for something deeper?

Do you have a sense of the power of working with natural cycles?

Are you ready to create something new in your life over the next 8-9 months?

Are you ready to join a group of women working with deep spiritual wisdom?

Are you ready to bring what you've been nurturing into the world, but want support and accountability?

Perhaps you feel stuck and want to set a new course or find your next direction?

Are you intrigued by tapping into ancient wisdom with a modern interpretation?

This sacred journey, as old as time, burned into our collective psyche takes us to the deepest places of knowing. The heroine's journey. It takes us within.

Astrological News in... Venus made a new pentagram point in Leo in August.

This means right now, we are in a whole new Venus cycle & energy and a new journey through the Venus gates of descent- through to April 2024 when she then starts her ascent.

This journey begins when you hear the call...

Imagine connecting to your true cyclical nature, identifying patterns to empower yourself...

Are you in a transition phase?

Would you like to connect to a true feminine archetype and understand this powerful cycle that can be seen in the sky that our ancestors knew intimately?

Do you have a sense of connecting with your cyclical nature but want to go deeper?

Do you sometimes struggle to act in alignment with your values and can self sabotage?

Do you wish to be truly authentic in all situations?

Join us on this journey, following the descent part of the Venus cycle from now through April 2024. 

Using astrology and mythology to follow Venus through her cycles, Jema weaves together stories of the goddess and the stars. She shares stories of the stars, and blends this cosmic wisdom with embodied ritual, energetic healing, and elemental pathworking. Channelling divine wisdom and helping people to connect to their own intuition, and spirit guides, to help you craft your own unique relationship to the goddess.

Lauren is an intuitive healer, reiki practitioner, and holder of spaces for women allowing us to connect with our true cyclical wisdom. She's an ICF accredited coach with a fascination of the psycho-spiritual. She's been on her own descent journey going through bowel cancer last year and can give some very real insights into meeting yourself at your darkest points and the true power that can give you once you integrate the learnings.

Your Journey Guides

Jema brings her in depth astrological knowledge of the cycle, whilst Lauren will add additional insights from Human Design, Energy Body work and a range of other modalities she works with. Combined with the monthly ritual, this is keeping you accountable and aligned with the natural energies around us

Each month Venus forms a conjunction with the Moon on her journey and each one has a different theme. At the start of the month, we will send you a video and guidance on tuning into the themes, which you can then ask questions and get guidance on your astrological chart via the Telegram group. Towards the end of the month, we'll meet live on Zoom to discuss and reflect.

Join us: 2023-24 Descent Journey

Think of this like an astrological journey we are taking together. We are tuning into the first half of a longer cycle of 19 months guided by Venus, and the Venus Gates which are when Venus is Conjunct the Moon. This is the ultimate heroine's journey! We reach the half way point in April 2024 at which point you can chose whether to continue on for the second part of the cycle - the ascent!

  • For each Venus Gate (roughly once a month), you will receive videos to guide you through the themes, connected to each of the chakras as well as guidance on the numerology, energy body and Human Design connections.
  • We'll also guide you on a ritual for each gate. 
  • We then meet live towards the end of the month on a Friday to reflect and share (dates and times TBC based on what works for the majority - will be recorded if you can't make it live). 
  • Chose at checkout if you would like to include ritual kits posted to you for each gate. 
  • We'll also be providing additional guidance and journal prompts within a Telegram group where you can ask any questions and we can look at your specific astrological chart to see where the transit is for you.

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This is the Heroines Journey with Venus as our Leader

The Venus Gates

How does it feel to be responsible only to yourself? No higher power or connection to the divine. No one telling you how to behave, no one judging you. There is power here, sovereignty, autonomy. There is also vulnerability, loneliness, fear. This may be a side of yourself that you are not used to sitting with, holding space for her may be hard, she may make you feel judged, uncomfortable and afraid. She is you and as you hold space for her you are meeting a shadow goddess who could be a close friend and ally on the journey to the great below

Sight is a precious gift, but so is darkness. What changes when we see beyond reality? Can we really see what we think we can? Is our sight actually a trick can we see more/deeper/ further with our eyes closed. This activation of the Third Eye holds gifts of vision and psychic ability for our deepest, emotional and sensual selves. This vision allows us to come into deeper alignment with that which is truly meant for us - our deepest and most aligned Divine Truth, and the Truth within all things. 

What does it mean to speak your truth? And to really listen? Are you fully self-expressed? Do you struggle to share your authentic truth? Have you been questioning what message you really want to share with the world? Communication is a relationship and at this gate we lose our voice so we can really listen. We'll look at where you may be stuck in getting what's inside your head out into the world. 

Inannas compassion is what brought her on this journey. It serves as both a gift and a curse. Love is often painful, especially if we want to have control over another persons actions. This gate in Scorpio brings up themes of being consumed by love, obsession, vulnerability and power in relationships. Denying these dynamics can cause unseen damage to our ability to love fully. This gate asks us to be remove the breastplate and leave our heart vulnerable.

Who are you without your power? Without confidence? Is it possible to release your power without shrinking? Do you feel worthy even when you dont feel confident? This is where we dig deep into your insecurities, draw out your inner hero and face the music. This is connected to your third energy body - the positive mind which has a fiery energy to it. Once you understand how to use it effectively, you'll notice big shifts in your life. 

Connected to our Sacral Chakra, this is a big one for most women. It brings up wounds around fertility, the cost of creativity, the relationship between our art and our perception of productivity. It's connected to our second energy body- the negative mind. A necessary filter for life, but not one we want to put in the driving seat of our life. When we learn we are not separate from anything else, we can unleash a new sense of joy and creativity.

MARCH 2024
Tuning into the Aquarius energy of this gate along with the Root Chakra, this is about Loss of security, being completely naked and laid bare, just as Inanna is when she gets to this point in the journey. What shadows are revealed when there is nothing to hide behind and nothing to protect us. There is an energy of 'everything is nothing and nothing is everything' - when you can deeply understand that everything can come from nothing, manifestation is possible.

APRIL 2024
We use the firey energy of Aries here to recognise that our old self no longer serves us and allow her to die so that you can be reincarnated as your higher self. This is the final gate where we realise we need to embrace death as a part of life- in order to be reborn. Just as natural forest fires are actually good for the forest, so we must learn that parts of us need to die. This brings up themes of surrender, rest and release. We have our final circle to share all we've learnt on this descent journey.

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This is an ancient story connected with the movement of Venus in the sky and dates back well into the Neolithic age. It’s over 4,000 years old! We tap into this with a modern interpretation- but you may recognise elements of the journey that you've been through yourself.

As you can imagine, it’s taken many different shapes and forms over the years, but the underlying theme remains the same. It describes the story of Queen Inanna, a Mesopotamian goddess of Heaven and Earth who is summoned on a transformative journey to the Ancient Mesopotamian Underworld. The reason for her descent is slightly different depending on which version you read. The one I will tell you is the version that resonated the most with me because it’s essentially a heroine’s take on the hero’s journey. 

A Call to the Underworld

Queen Inanna was a strong, successful and powerful woman who has well respected and admired in her community. One day she hears a whisper calling her to the Underworld. She is a bit mystified about this as it seems to come out of the blue. Despite trying to ignore it, the whisper continues.

The Original Story

The Underworld is ruled by her sister, Ereshkigal. Unlike Innana, Ereshkigal is the Queen of Darkness. She rules the dead and all that lies in the shadows. She is passionately in love and married to Nergal, the god of war, plague, and pestilence.

As the days pass, Inanna continues to hear this call to the Underworld. It’s asking her to see what she has not yet seen, to experience what she has not yet experienced and to learn what she does not yet know. The whisper grows louder and louder until she can no longer deny it.

“Inaaaannnaa!” the voice beckons.

Inanna decides to go. She has been living in comfort and predictability for too long, perhaps it’s time to see what she has not yet seen, to experience what she has not yet experienced and to learn what she does not yet know. With the help of her servant Ninshubur, she gets ready for her journey to the Underworld. She adorns herself in her royal crown of influence, necklace, bracelets, golden rings, a breastplate for armour and a thick, royal cloak.

Ninshubur is very concerned and tries to talk her out of it. No one goes to Underworld and returns unchanged. Those who have attempted it rarely come out alive. Inanna is determined to go either way. She looks to Nishubur:

“Ninshubur, my faithful friend, I must do this. I know it will not be easy, but I must go. Will you wait for my return and if after 3 days I have not returned, bang the drums, gather my community and tell them what was happened to me? Then go to the elders and ask them to bring me back. Will you do this for me?”

“Yes, my Queen.” Ninshubur replies with a bow.
With that Inanna sets foot on her journey to the Underworld.

The Seven Bolted Gates

As Innana begins her journey she encounters her first obstacle. In Ereshkigal’s Underworld, there are seven gates which lead to her palace. When Ereshkigal learns of Inanna’s arrival at the first of the seven gates, she orders them to be sealed and bolted. For Inanna to reach her, Ereshkigal demands that her sister Inanna unlock the gates through a series of sacrifices so that she enters humbled.

At the first gate, Inanna knocks gently. A gatekeeper asks, “who are you and why have you come?”

“My name is Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth. Please let me in. I have come to see what I have not yet seen, to experience what I’ve not yet experienced, and to learn what do not yet know.”

The gatekeeper asks her to relinquish her royal crown and only then he will open the gate. Giving up her royal crown feels like giving away a bit of her power. Her crown is a symbol of her hard earned royalty, power and influence. But here in the Underworld, she holds no royalty, power or influence. She gives it up reluctantly and proceeds to the next gate.

At the second gate Inanna stands tall and knocks. “Hello. My name is Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth. I have come to see what I have not yet seen, to experience what I’ve not yet experienced, and to learn what do not yet know.” At this gate she is asked to give up her bracelet. Again, Inanna agrees.

At the third gate Inanna knocks again hesitantly wondering what she will be asked to give up this time. “My name is Innana, I have come to see what I have not yet seen, to experience what I’ve not yet experienced and to learn what do not yet know.”

She is asked to give up her necklace and again, hands it over. As she continues through the gates, it becomes clear that she is being asked to strip herself of all the adornments she came with. Little by little, this is making her weaker and weaker.

She approaches the sixth gate feeling increasingly vulnerable. She knocks hesitantly. “My name is Inanna. And… I hardly remember what I came here for…” Without being asked, she is robbed of her breastplate. She screams out. Now her heart is exposed, and she is vulnerable without it. She spends a moment wondering if she should continue. As she looks back from where she came it becomes clear that the path is gone. She has no choice but to continue.

As she descends further, the walls of the labyrinth are closing in and her cloak is dragging and catching on the uneven, sludgy ground. She begins to walk on hands and knees, cutting up her legs and the palms of her hands. The journey is hard, harder than expected. She begins to wonder why she did this, what is the point of all this suffering?

Eventually, Inanna reaches the last and final gate. She taps on the door gently. “Hello? I am here… and… that is all.” At this gate she is asked to hand in her last and final piece of clothing, her royal cloak. She is now completely naked and vulnerable with nothing to defend herself.

Meeting Ereshkigal

Inanna enters the final gate naked, humble and defeated. She enters the throne of her sister Ereshkigal, the Queen of the Underworld. Ereshkigal sits regally on her throne and looks down at Innana with the Eye of Death. In that moment Inanna dies. She then leaves her sister’s corpse on a hook for three days.

Meanwhile, Ninshubur is waiting eagerly for Inanna’s’ arrival. By the 3rd day, Ninshubur does as he was told. He bangs the drums and informs the community that their Queen has descended into the Underworld. The elderly rush to the Underworld to rescue Inanna. They make it through each gate easily and find her hanging on a hook, her corpse rotting. They gasp in terror and pull her off, attempting to bring her back to life using powerful stones, crystals and gems from the Upperworld. But nothing seems to work here. Eventually Ereshkigal who was sitting in the darkness watching, decides to step in. She approaches her sister and gives her the water of life, a magical substance which can resurrect the dead.

Everyone stands back waiting. Inanna slowly comes back to life as Ereshkigal retreats into the darkness. Just as Inanna turns to leave, the guards of the Underworld stop her. She may leave, but only under one condition: she must leave someone or something of value behind. But what? She wonders if she remains in the Underworld forever. The elderly tell her the community need her, she must return. She takes a long time to figure out what to leave and, in the end, decides to sacrifice her husband.

As Inanna begins the quest back to the Upperworld she stops at each gate to take inventory of what she was forced to give up. She must ask herself if the value that each item holds to her now. Does it fit her new vision of the world? Does the cloak hold any real power? The crown? She decides to leave everything and return to the Upperworld as a humbled woman. She is forever changed. The person she was when she entered the Underworld died, but a new woman was born in the process. She feels stronger than she has ever felt for she accomplished what she set out to accomplish. She saw what she has never seen, experienced what she has never experienced, and learned what she did not know.


What are your thoughts on the original story? 

Something we can all relate to is answering a call for an adventure that brought us to our knees. A journey that stripped us bare of all that we thought we were, all that we thought we needed and led to the death of our former selves. Instead of returning from the journey bitter and petty, we transform. We bow to the forces greater than ourselves.

Join us to embrace and embody this wisdom!

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