We quit our jobs in 2012 to go and live in Australia. (Me and the ten-boyfriend, now husband, Nick)

The trip was life-changing in many ways. ⁠ ⁠

It really could have all gone wrong- we needed to find jobs when we arrived, we didn’t have anything lined up, we left behind safe jobs with benefits and pension packages.

August 19, 2021

Was it a mistake? Moving to Australia (and back again!)

I’ve been working on a BIG shift in the way I approach work over the last year (as many people have!)

 And… I’ve allowed myself to pause and hold space for ideas for fully form.

If I’d followed the common approach to productivity and success, I’d have gone down a hole of punishing myself for being such a procrastinator over the last 2-3 months. I have not really marketed my services… yes I post on here but mainly informational posts sharing what I’m learning. Generally with social media, I teach my clients to do about 25% brand posts, 25% community posts, 25% educational posts and 25% sales posts.

August 7, 2021

Are you really procrastinating?

Why I’m reconsidering the word ‘Solopreneur’ When I was running the co-working club I founded before lockdown hit, I used the word ‘Entrepreneur’ to describe what I was doing since it was a business bigger than just me and I was hiring other people to help me manage it. I had to close that down […]

July 11, 2021

Why I’m reconsidering the word ‘Solopreneur’

Whilst none of us planned to be at home so much over the last year, we are now so used to being in our safe and controllable little bubbles, the thought of going back out again may not feel appealing in many ways.

As an empath you probably won’t like:

·      Crowds

·      Small talk

·      Rushing about

·      Conflicts or arguments

·      Loud noise

·      Inauthentic people or conversations

·      Feeling FOMO

·      Feeling like you ‘should’ want to go out

April 19, 2021

Coming out of lockdown life as an Empath

As a self-declared empath myself, I often get asked quite a lot how you know if you are an empath. These are just a few of the points that can indicate that you are.

  • You need peace and solitude

  • You are very intuitive

  • You love nature / animals

  • Strangers tell you their problems

  • It feels like you’re always searching for answers

  • You know when people are lying or upset but not showing it externally

  • You may also be quite moody (on the inside even if you don’t show it externally).

March 16, 2021

Are you an Empath?