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Expert Business Mentoring via Telegram!
Boost your productivity, focus and creativity for 3 months
Push your business and key projects forwards with my feedback, support and ideas as your mentor. Harness the power of your astrology to move forward in complete alignment and flow.

Expert Business Mentoring via Telegram!
Boost your productivity, focus and creativity for 3 months.
Push your business and key projects forwards with my feedback, support and ideas as your mentor. Harness the power of your astrology to move forward in complete alignment and flow.

Whilst Zoom is a great tool, what I've personally found most useful in growing my business and being supported is Telegram voice, video and text coaching. 

More popularly known as 'Pocket Mentoring' it essentially means you get to ask questions, share ideas and content and get feedback throughout the week - wherever you are. Leave messages whenever suits you and get quick responses during the week.

You know those days when you are finding things hard, or finding motivation lacking, or just feeling a bit fed up?

And also those days where you're flooded with ideas, inspiration and excitement?!

Imagine being able to get feedback, support and ideas from me as your mentor just when you need it!

I've made huge strides in my business through Telegram coaching, being able to ask questions and share ideas for feedback as needed made a huge difference. 

Calling on my 18 years OF marketing experience plus 4 years of growing my own business, I can mentor you in a powerful and direct way using free app telegram.

Connect with me on Telegram now to chat!

We can share videos, audios, texts, documents!
I can offer feedback, support, coaching and advice based on my own experiences running my business

3 month package: An outline guide

This gives you an idea of how it works, but I adapt this based on your unique requirements

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Month 3

1 day option: Short and snappy!

Availablity: Booking now for December and January

View outline of the 3 months package here

I adapt the package to suit your needs based on the information you provide in the intake form. View a guide outline clicking through above.

To book in, you can sign up below, or if you have any questions, drop me a quick Telegram message- link below.

Simply install the app if you don't already have it (desktop and phone!) then click on the below button to open a chat with me (or if you prefer, email me at )

This is a chance to have my 18 years experience in marketing, coaching, Astrological and Spiritual approach, and 4 years of Business Directorship at the tip of your fingertips!

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Current pricing-  £434 a month
£75 for one day

3 month package Includes:

  • 3 months of support
  • 3 x 60 min Zoom calls 
  • Intake form and personal profiling
  • Access to my community membership- The Intuitive Business Academy for 3 months worth £99
  • Access to my online course 'CALM Marketing' with over 10 hours of trainings

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What my clients have said:

"Knowledge and expertise doesn’t simply come from traditional wisdom, it emerges through the intricate soul connection that one soul has in relation to another. I would describe Lauren as having this unique and very special ability to both listen, advise and coach with a deep understanding and touching intelligence."


“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Lauren. She is a wealth of knowledge and the steps you need to take. I really gained the confidence and clarity I needed to launch my Instagram account with ease. I now run the account selling positive message affirmation candles @loveup_loveyou” 


“Lauren’s help gave me the confidence to really go for my campaign – put it out there, shout about it and even do a live. I would totally recommend working with Lauren – she will offer you a wealth of knowledge with quality and encouragement, whilst believing and caring what you do.. she just ‘gets it!’.”

Liz Fraser Betts
Founder of Dot Dot Dash


You can share videos, voice notes and text messages, as well as links, documents and images. For example, if you want feedback on images or on a new website page, or product you are developing, you can easily record and share with me in the moment.

I ask you to come to me with questions or ideas you have thought about rather than using Telegram as a 'brain dump' - of course I'm happy to chat things through, but find you get the most from it if you can be focused and to-the-point with 2 minute voice messages. I ask to allow a max of 24 hours for a response during the week, though usually it'll be much quicker.

Telegram is more 'in-the-moment' - you are able to share things as they come up and ask for support and advice as needed rather than waiting for specific meeting times on Zoom.

After booking in, we connect on Telegram and I'll make sure you know how to use all the different elements within the app. I'll send over the intake form for you to complete. We'll then have the kick-off Zoom call and from this create a rough plan for the 12 weeks depending on how you best work (I'll ask you to complete a few profiling tools to help with this)

If you aren't already a member, you can read more about the Intuitive Business Academy here. It includes monthly trainings and access to the private members app hosted in Circle. It's a supportive group of like-minded business owners working mainly in health, wellness and coaching. If you are already member, I will pause your payments whilst you are a 1 to 1 client, as this is included within my 1 to 1 packages.

Please get in touch and I'll be happy to help - either via Telegram using the above button, or email here-

I will give you an overview of your charts - this isn't a full reading, but I will give you the key points and also use these insights during our 1:1 communications to help you make choices and decisions that feel aligned for you at a deep level. You can book in separately for full readings if you want to go more in depth.

Telegram is great as it is a free mobile app and a desktop app - I use on both my phone and laptop. Think of it like a cross between WhatsApp and Email. It's really easy to use and share voice notes, short videos, documents, links and images. Bonus is that it's also not owned by Meta!

Let's make the next 12 weeks an inspiring, exciting time of growth in your business!

This kind of mentoring has made the biggest difference for me - the way I work is really all about freedom and Telegram supports that vibe- send a voicenote or message where and when suits you! Listen / read back as and when needed.