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When I first launched my own business back in 2018. I found I had a never-ending to-do list and overwhelm set in. 

I found tuning into the Moon Cycle with its reliable predictable pattern and phases gave me a fluid structure that massively reduced my overwhelm and the 'always on' hustle mentality.

I structured my working week and the kind of work I was doing each week according to my cycle and the collective energy we find through the Moon Cycle. 

What if the key to feeling Aligned and Purposeful in your work was in there all along- you just needed to tap into it?

What if there was a fluid system that enabled you to work flexibly yet be in control & have a monthly plan you enjoy?

The Intuitive Business Academy is all about creating connection, growth and trust in our intuition, this new more feminine approach to marketing that will be the most effective in 2022 and beyond

Be part of a Community that supports you to approach running your business more intuitively and in alignment with seasonal energy 

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Sometimes it feels like everyone else is speeding ahead, making a success of their business and like we need to do more to ‘catch up’

We can drown in a never-ending business and marketing to-do list, but actually not move the needle forwards on anything. 

We think that we need a better website, more followers, another template to copy and paste, but running our business is actually more about your energy:

Successfully Growing your business  is more about your ENERGY than your To-Do List

Is what you are sharing energetically aligned?

Have you created the solid foundations for yourself to ensure your marketing feels intuitively right?

Do you want support from a mentor & coach who can help you let go of the overwhelm and hustle in a supportive group environment?

Do you want to bring in a cyclical approach in alignment with the Moon cycles?

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- Joanna Lott, Career Coach


I’ve been part of the membership for a few months now. The live sessions I’ve attended have been so lovely - informative yet connected and peaceful. It’s a place where you get to know others really quickly as it’s a safe haven. There is so much more I’ve yet to explore and I couldn’t think of a better community to be part of. It’s amazing value and I love learning more about the moon and spiritual world as well as marketing.”

— Nicole George, Chief Expansion Officer, Caroline Britton Coaching


“Lauren has been such a wonderful Marketing Mentor. Her smile lights up the room and her calm demeanour I completely appreciate. She is thorough in her presentations and up on new marketing strategies, software, and tech. I appreciate her CALM approach to marketing, tying it to the moon, and how she incorporates that we are cyclical beings. I highly recommend being a part of the community she hosts!"

— Maisie, EMDR Therapist


“I’m really enjoying being part of the community. The sessions are all really helpful and I’ve taken away loads of practical things to apply in my business. My favourite thing is how Lauren models doing business in a calm, less pressured way. It’s really given me permission to move away from the mentality of always chasing the next marketing trend or thing I feel I should be doing in my business and has allowed me to chill, go with the flow and with what my energy and body is telling me. Thank you Lauren."


The principles of the Intuitive Business Academy are:

connected & community based


Aligned & Authentic


liberated from the old patriarchal ways


moon based & meaningful

Become a member of the Intuitive Business Academy and you get:

A little sneak peak...

The members area is hosted in circle (no Facebook group!) Get a sense of how easy it is to use with this video!

The Intuitive Business Academy is:


Sound like your vibe?


Generally these take place on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning UK time, but they will vary each month. Polls are also put out in the members group to vote on the best times and topics you want to see covered.

The calls are recorded and saved in the members area so you can watch back any time. We have members from around the world in different time zones!

Most people join on a pay-quarterly basis, however I also offer the option to pay monthly to spread the payments. It takes some time to settle in and find your groove with taking a cyclical approach and unlearning many of the old habits we picked up from school and the corporate world, so I do suggest 3 months as a minimum timeframe. As with all things, the more you put in the more you get out! Most members who joined when it launched a year ago are still members!

It is hosted on a platform called Circle. When you join, you will create a log in so you can access the members area any time. There is also an optional iPhone app.

The Moon Cocoon is our weekly Astrological forecast by in-house Astrologist Jema and consists of an audio guide around 5-10 minutes long, along with a written overview and visuals. It helps deepen your connection and apply the cyclical Moon-based approach. It is hosted in the members area and it’s posted as a link at the start of each week. You can opt in for email and/or app notifications to hear when it's released.

Please get in touch and I'll be happy to help - email:
Over 90% of members have stayed for 6 months or longer. This is a small community where we get to know each other :-)

Still have questions, or want to chat through your next steps?

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